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Pope Almonar offers 15,000 ice creams to prisoners – Chronicle

“During the summer months, the Apostolic Foundation did not go on vacation.” This was reported by the Pope’s own ‘charity’. These days Alman, Cardinal Conrad Krozhevsky, donated 15,000 ice creams to Regina Coyle prisoners and Repibia. Then “every year, small groups of homeless people, or those staying in shelters, were taken to a sea or lake in Castel Condolfo for lunch and dinner at the pizzeria.” Kovit also provided tools to deal with poor countries.

“The poorest people in other countries are certainly not forgotten – in a note to the Apostolic Nuncio – through the report and mediation of the Apostolic Nuncios, he receives medicines, pulmonary respirators and medical supplies sent directly from the Vatican. , Also producing refurbished or newly built medical clinics for nearly 2,000,000 euros, in the country’s three poorest countries. The note concludes, “The physical and spiritual works of mercy are found in the gospel” and “if they are valid for every Christian, they are still precious signs of regulating all the activities of the charitable office of the Holy Father.”

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