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Poll 2022: Far, far from defeat

Poll 2022: Far, far from defeat

There is still hours to complete the referendum, but the quorum is far from over. First data at 12 noonTurns out To Justice referendum They talk about a very low turnout, with less than 7% of the vote. And it returns the possibility of reaching கோரம் The vote is valid.

Comparison with the (failed) poll of 2016 for quorum

To indicate that the quorum was not reached is almost certain, the turnout of 12 is lower than another poll that recorded a defeat: the poll that was excavated on April 17, 2016. In fact, they voted on the same day, while 8.36 percent of voters cast ballots. On the other hand, at 7pm, it was 23.48% and at 11pm it was 31.19%. Same as today’s numbers.

As the figure had already been announced for several days, the league (promoter of consultation with the radials) tried to flee, blaming the media (according to them) for not giving enough space to the five. Questions about justice reform.

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