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Political polls show the race to be the Democratic primary.  Here's what the latest findings say

Political polls show the race to be the Democratic primary. Here’s what the latest findings say

Head to head is always between Pd and FdI. in between Enrico Letta And Georgia MeloneyYesterday’s protagonists A question and answer via social media due to an interview published by the dem secretary on CNN. But the Democratic Party is a whisker ahead of Italy’s brethren these days, under the Italy umbrella because of the wrangling of the candidate list. Percentages: 24.2 vs. 24% round and round. In coalitions, however, it is the centre-right ahead of all other parties. At least that’s what a recent BiDiMedia survey published on a sample of 2107 respondents tells us.

Another Tecnè FdI survey puts it at 24.3% and Pd at 23.5%.

BiDiMedia’s question: “If you were to vote for the general election today, which of the following parties would you vote for?”.

However, as we head to the polls in a month’s time, the snap shot of a third pole with action and Italia Viva owning Draghi’s agenda has yet to fly. , really intended RensThat is The calendar 10% should be achieved. On the contrary, the parties that decided the last government in July, i.e. Lega, M5S and FI, are slowly crushing the government.


If we were voting today, Georgia Meloni would have already set up a victory press conference. The BiDimedia survey actually puts the coalition he leads at 46.4%. 6 tenths more than the survey conducted in the first week of August. But the merit of the development does not belong to the brothers of Italy, but to the other parties of the coalition: Lega di Salvini 13.6%, of FI Berlusconi 7 percentage points, while “moderates” Dottie1.8 Connect the dots.

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Center left

The Democratic Party is the first party with 24.2% of the vote. On the other hand, the Green Left Alliance is down a tenth of a point, now at 3.9%, while the minister’s civic commitment De Mayo It was 0.9%. + Europe, Creation Emma Bonino and Benedetto della Vedova The alliance continued even after the farewell Carlo Calenda, reaching 2.1% according to this survey. In practice, the number of parties in this coalition will now reach 31.1% of the vote. The center-right will beat them by 15 percentage points.

5S Movement

10 per cent of the result that the led movement is getting at the moment Giuseppe Conte. Thus reversing the downward trend of recent months. After Di Mayo’s split and the break with the Democrats, the party still has a relative majority in this assembly, albeit with fewer numbers.

The third pole

Action and Italia Viva list, born after the return Carlo Calenda With the Democratic Party, it currently does not reach results of a certain weight. Only 5.2% of those interviewed said they wanted to vote for this newborn Polo.

Italexit di comparison than 2.4%. They decrease to 1%. Alternative to Italy Adenolfi and under the percentage point Union Popolare, a list uniting various far-left organizations. 0.8% stable in sovereign and popular Italy – B.C Rizzo.

“Model Ursula”, Calenda and Renzi are not a chimera: “Crisis finances and controversies on the right lead there”

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By Giovanna Casadio

It turns out

Chapter Ignorance. Polling will certainly weigh on the outcome. According to the survey, there is currently a small increase of 0.5 points. The willingness to vote is currently at 64%, while 26% of Italians are still undecided on whether or not to go to the polls.

Electoral conduct

According to the Tecnè survey, when asked about electoral behavior, 34.3% of those interviewed answered “we are sure which party we will vote for”. “Sure enough (11.8%),” I might choose another party “10%.”