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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Catching Shiny has never been easier


How do you catch a color/shiny Pokemon? The methods may look different. We’ll see how to catch and meet these rare specimens more easily.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are two video games in the RPG series released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch. The game structure is an open world new take on the franchise.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet –

Both versions received mixed reviews from critics It scored on Metacritic a score of 73/100 for Pokémon Scarlett and 72/100 for Pokémon Violet. Definitely a low score in the history of the series. However, they became the two best selling games in the first three days of launch on Nintendo’s console with 10 million copies sold.

Here are the ways to catch a shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon is a rare specimen Which has a color different from the natural color. The ways to eat it will basically be two ways: catching one in the wild or by hatching an egg. However, the chance of this happening is very small and fortunately there are tools that allow you to catch shiny Pokemon more easily such as chromamolite. This item can make a Shiny Pokémon appear by placing it in your inventory.

If you’d like to continue with Masuda method, or search for shiny Pokemon by hatching eggs, it’s good to have Pokemon with Firebody ability on your team. This special ability cuts the hatching time in half. The scarlet and purple Pokémon that have this ability are: Charcole, Charcadet, Colossal, Larvista, Levinkenia and Rolicoli.

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the other way To catch a shiny Pokemon that represents it Exploit group plugins, that is, the appearance of the same sample Pokémon in a specific area. It is possible to understand where they appeared using the game map.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet –

The mega extras show themselves and end at midnight. If you find yourself near a huge pop-up window, you will have to save the game manually. After doing this, you will have to defeat or catch at least sixty Pokémon of the same type to get a higher bonus. Defeating other species will make you start again.

Before catching the shiny Pokemon It’s good to have a decent amount of Poké Balls. Especially effective are superballs and the more defining Velox balls which, if used in the first round, increase the chances of catching one. Attacks such as paralysis and sleeping powder are also very useful because they finish off the opponent without taking damage. In fact, attacks such as Poison and Burn are not recommended as they may reset the Pokémon’s HP.


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