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Players are complaining about one of the starting chapters, and that's where the problem lies -

Players are complaining about one of the starting chapters, and that’s where the problem lies –

elden ring On the way and the overall excitement is great, backed by the regular sharing of information from the game’s official account. In the last period, we have come to Classes startbut one of these attracted Criticize some players. Herein lies the problem.

As you can see for yourself below, it is indicated that the file spade spade From the starting class Vagabondo is not straight. In the photo, you can see that the upper part of the wide sword does not align with the handle. The curvature is very obvious and has “annoyed” some players.

Oddly enough, an image showing one of the game’s categories has such an error. public Reddit sub of Elden RingHowever, he took the matter very lightly and made jokes of various kinds, such as people declaring they were ready to request a refund or others canceling the pre-order in protest. All this also led to other posts that sort out the problem, like a user promising to rotate the sword five degrees until it’s straight, once a week until release: the problem is there’s a week left, so there won’t be any more posts. Others simply erase the sword from the picture and pretend to wonder what people are talking about.

So it seems that a large segment of the public has decided to ridicule those who complained about it. Certainly, Elden Ring will continue to be one of the most awaited games no matter how straight your sword is.

If you’re looking for details in the Elden Ring visuals, here are two new images that show new enemies and a potential gameplay mechanic.

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