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Players are accumulating large debts after banning Eternal Orbs -

Players are accumulating large debts after banning Eternal Orbs –

strong snow storm forbidden The Eternal Orb Purchased from third parties, causing huge debts to some players Immortal Diablo. For those who are not familiar with it, we are talking about a free-to-play title full of greedy microtransactions, especially for those who want to become a competitor.

So the most enthusiastic players began to look for ways to buy Premium coin The game at discount prices, by resorting to third-party sellers. Of course this is a prohibited practice and sellers are not authorized in any way to do so.

Basically, players saw that their orbs not only go to zero, but also turn negative, which leads to a huge debt build-up. According to Reddit user paleblood, half of the players in his clan reported that they owed a large debt in terms of an eternal orb. There are some players who even have a negative balance 600,000 celestial bodies.

Now, the amount of immortal orbs needed to compete should let you know how much it is microtransactions It has an impact on the gaming economy. Keep in mind that by spending 0.99 € you can only buy 60 balls. The maximum orbs that can be purchased at once is 7200, for which €99.99 must be spent. Thus, those with 600,000 orbs of debt would have to spend a whopping 8,400 euros to write it off.

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