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Planet Earth Week, to discover Italian natural treasures

Planet Earth Week, to discover Italian natural treasures

“It’s an opportunity to discover true geological treasures, often along with other cultural attractions or local produce. Italy has a unique and diverse number of situations that you should be aware of and we also have a responsibility to preserve and protect them. Getting close to and experiencing these landscapes also means contributing to the practice sustainable tourismThe promotion of which is one of the goals of the association.

In fact, they are more and more numerous Travelers who feel the need to live unique experiences as they depart. For this reason, Airbnb was launched last May Categoriesa new research method that satisfies the desire for the new feature of new tourism on a human scale. With unexpected and surprising discoveries, just like 750 caves or 4000 organic homes can be found, in this section, all over the world. Let’s get to know some of them hidden beauty from our country.

Cisternino, Semeraro Estate

Cisternino, Tenuta Cimraro, photo provided by Airbnb.

The house is a trolley Made entirely of local stone, Light colored limestone, locally called Chianca. Nearby, you can’t miss visiting the dinosaur footprints of Altamura, a leap back in time 84 million years, to the Upper Cretaceous period, at one of the most important sites in the world. The area offers a unique spectacle, a glimpse into a time gone by, when Apulia may actually have been an African outcropIt is surrounded by shallow water and houses a rich collection of terrestrial dinosaurs.

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