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Pierpaolo Pritelli, on Sunday comes Mara Vinier's refusal: what happened

Pierpaolo Pritelli, on Sunday comes Mara Vinier’s refusal: what happened

In the Thank you by Aunt Mara, Pierpaolo Pritelli I stayed for two years bets. TV space wanted by authors and presenter Domenica In Give To Givino’s ex-involvement in A Game. a small show quiz, Conducted by Pretelli who has raised several since the last episode doubts.

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The Formula Without a name, Lieutenant-Colonel Mara Vinier called it “View Pierpaolo PretelliBut it was expected to become a file flopGiven the poor structure and conductivity.

ad to announce Conclusion Final From space it was the same as Mara Venier during broadcast Today, he assures the public of abandoning the production coordination with Pretelli. To announce, she invited the front of the model to sit next to her, explaining the reasons behind the cancellation.

Mara Vinier said that due to the extraordinary success of the coordination, many abroad have requested it exclusive To Dominica Inn. Then the curtain was “given” to Foreign colleagues: Nice metaphor for not saying a word”Cancellation“.

In any case, Pierpaolo Pretelli will not completely disappear from transitionIt looks like the model and former rival of Tale who appears on the show, will be making another appearance on TV. In fact, when Alba Paretti Venere asked if Britley would disappear with the disposal of space, the hostess had no doubts. « There is no Pretelli I handleHe is now close to his aunt.”

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