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Pierpaolo Pretelli was murdered without hesitation: we will never see him again

Pierpaolo Pretelli was murdered without hesitation: we will never see him again

Right after the end of Big Brother VIP 5, a very lucky period began for Pierpaolo Pretelli. In addition to meeting what might be the woman of his life at House of Reality TV, the Calabrian-born model has seen his popularity grow exponentially. It is no coincidence that Rai called him up for the “Tale e cui Show” in the immediately following months. Soon, another, no less important proposal came to him: to have a regular presence in “Domenica In”, along with a veteran of Italian television as Mara Venier. However, in the first part of the television season, the friend of Julia Salemi did not convince the most demanding audience in Rai Uno and over time changed his role: at first he had to be the protagonist in a very demanding game, and then he was assigned to it. the Musician. Finally, he was confined to a representation of the “servant” of Aunt Mara. In short, without malice, in fact you did not find after him in the Sunday program.

As his fans remember, at the beginning of January he was excluded from the first seasonal episode of “Domenica In”. It was officially said that due to the frightening spread of the virus during the Christmas period, the production decided to bring “as few people as possible” into the studio. Pretelli was left at home on that occasion. For many, this was a clear signal: the former giffino had an important but indispensable role in the transmission. In January he returned to his seat on two occasions, until February 6, in the special episode dedicated to Sanremo. On the following Sundays, he was not seen in the studio and there was no explanation for this, either from him, Venier, or other insiders. what happened? Mouths narrow on the subject and many doubts on the part of his fans. It is also true that Britley himself never spoke ill of Dominica Inn and did not launch any excavations that could confirm any disagreements or controversies.

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Today TVBlog devoted an article to the question “What happened to Pierpaolo Pritelli?”. Massimo Galanto notes that the 31-year-old has been absent from the studio for two weeks. If it doesn’t appear on Sunday afternoon on Rai Uno, it’s likely that it no longer fits into the plans of Mara Venier and the authors. The most likely hypothesis, according to TVBlog, is that from now on “server” commitments to broadcasting Rai Uno will be greatly reduced and that it will be broadcast “more and more rarely”. In a recent interview with Sorrisi e Canzoni TV, the model dedicated words to honey to Mara Venier and confessed to dreaming about the life of “Fiorello”. It is likely that he will be able to crown his ambition, being a servant in “Domenica In” is not the best option, so his removal may also be desired by the person in question. At the moment, there are only hypotheses: Prillemi fans hope that the officials will clarify the mysterious absence and career of the ex-Givino.

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