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Pictures of Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico


The Day of the Dead, or “Día de Muertos”, is one of the most celebrated and celebrated celebrations in Mexico and among Mexican communities in the world: every year, between October 31 and November 2, Mexicans decorate their homes, streets, and cemeteries for multi-day parades that are remembered The dead dance and sing. They are very popular holidays, they last several days and also attract many tourists. Similar celebrations are also held abroad, for example in California and Texas and in countries with numerous Mexican immigrant communities.

In 2020, official events are specially planned in Mexico City It’s been pretty much erased Due to the coronavirus epidemic, but this year, due to the improvement of the situation, various rallies were held throughout the country.

Día de Muertos is celebrated in the region of Mexico and Central America, which was home to cultures such as the Aztecs and Mayans, even before the arrival of the Spaniards. After colonization it became a mestizo feast, which is celebrated according to the Catholic calendar (November 2 according to the church is the day of remembrance of the dead) but it extends for several days and still has its own characteristics.

Tradition says that the dead return between November 1 and 2 to visit their families to spend time with loved ones who are still alive. For this reason, altars with offerings are prepared in homes (Offers) Of the food and drink that families eat after that: the most famous Offers that it sugar skulls, i.e. sugar candy in the shape of a skull, and bread of the deadSweet loaves of bone shaped decorations. However, in the communities where it is celebrated, the Día de Muertos is also a joyous and ridiculous party, where people dress up as skeletons and parade down the street, with celebrations similar to those of Carnival, lasting several days and involving all cities.

In the Día de Muertos, the graves of the dead are also decorated: with candles, with Offers From food and typical simbachel, Mexican flower with orange petals resembling daisy. candles and simbachelAccording to tradition, the spirits of the dead appear on their way home. In many areas, families spend the night in the cemetery, watching by candlelight.

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