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Philip's legacy has revealed how much pocket money the Dukes of Sussex had - Libero Quotidiano

Philip’s legacy has revealed how much pocket money the Dukes of Sussex had – Libero Quotidiano

The Will of Prince Philip It was revealed more than a month after his funeral. The Duke of Edinburgh passed away at the age of 99 on April 9 and brought a surprise that is only minor: He’s actually proven wealthy but also generous, given that. He left some money for his employeesIt is an unusual gesture within the royal family to say the least.

Arriving 75 years ago at King George’s court with only £ 30 in his bank account, Prince Philip passed away by leaving. Inheritance of about 30 million. According to the rumors reported the sun – He is always well aware of events related to the royal family – the Duke of Edinburgh has also been thinking about the trustees who have helped him for many years: he born with them a great relationship of respect as well as friendship, because they helped him in this. Dominate in the shadows in support of Queen Elizabeth.

From Prince Philip’s will, it would have been clear that a large part of the inheritance clearly goes to his wife and then to the children and grandchildren, Including Harry. One of the sources explained that “the prince in spite of Megsett, despite the criticism, will not be an exception.” the sun. Then the Duke of Edinburgh allocated large sums to his private secretary Archie Miller Bakewell, Page William Henderson and bartender Stephen Nidugadlow. A gesture that surprised the public a lot, and she was not used to seeing royals leave money for collaborators.

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