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Personality test, the animal you notice for the first time reveals who you are

Personality test, the animal you notice for the first time reveals who you are

Take this fun, quick personality test to find out what personality type and traits (and flaws) you have. It will only take a few seconds.

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personality testThere are animals hidden in this custom stylized image in which the union of two shapes gives life to an intelligent representation. Depending on which of the two subjects represented we will be able to see first, we will have a very specific profile of who we are.

What we’ll see below is based on the Rorschach Stains principle that our minds tend to give a definite explanation for even something as vague as ink spots or clouds. Take this personality test and compare the result.

Among other things, this is of great importance in the psychological field, because all this has its basis the functioning of the human brain and all those very complex mental processes that start from the reception of environmental information through our senses and pass through the processing for themselves and why the end results.

Personality test, which animal did you notice first?

Pictures from the web

In this sense, there is one who sees one thing and another who sees another thing, first of all. The image of this personality test in more detail consists of the union of two opposing animals. deal with monkey and tigerAnd What did you notice first?

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monkey: Drawn in black, from right to left, it symbolizes impulsiveness, instinct and inspiration. This is the choice of those who feel free-spirited and who always put their emotions before rationality. Often these are also people who at first glance do not seem organized and organized, but in fact live quite well with their systems. What is called “organized chaos”.

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Tiger: Drawn in white, goes from left to right and appears in profile. Unlike the monkey, this is the choice of logic, rationality and those who remain grounded. The truth stems from dreams, emotions are in place and you only believe what you see.