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personality test | Choose your way of travel and find out who you really are

With this personality test, we will look at how you travel to discover a secret side of you.

The way we like to travel for pleasure says a lot about our personality, even if we’re not even aware of it.


The trip is already A new situation, sometimes extreme but always stimulating, who invites us to It goes beyond our comfort zone.

Obviously though The way each of us decides to do it indicate The strategy through which we push ourselves into the unknown.

Like all aspects of our personality, but also all of our actions, this type of choice also reveals the most hidden aspects of our personality, those that rarely or appear in everyday life.

Are you ready to discover something about yourself that you didn’t know yet?

Personality test for the way of travel

These tests should be considered as a hobby to explore some aspect of one’s personality. They can in no way replace a correct and complete analysis from a psychological point of view.

To take the test, you will simply have to choose how you prefer to travel when planning a vacation, or at least the way you would like to do it. After your selection, all you have to do is read the corresponding profile!

Personality test for travel

A – on the foot

If your preferred method of travel is trekking or walking, that means it You like to appreciate the little things in life, Go slowly and appreciate everything that happens to you along the way.

This is exactly this very sensitive To distinguish yourself deeply, even if you often choose not to show this side of your personality for fear of making yourself appear too weak.

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Even if you are afraid, because you are afraid that you will run into unscrupulous people who may harm you, do not hide! Be strong enough to defend that sensitive soul you are hiding today!

b – by car

Traveling by car for sure More convenient and faster than traveling on foot but let’s be Completely free for trip management As you wish. There are no predetermined stopping points, no predetermined routes: only the will and ability to organize are important.

If you choose the car, that means it The hallmark of your personality is curiosity. You are ready to set out in a thousand institutions but also to change plans every minute after inspiration. You are a free spirit, but sometimes that freedom and independence is mocked. Precisely for this reason, you tend to show a little of that side of your personality: people don’t always agree with those who think and act outside the box.

C – by cruise ship

The cruise ship is the essence Luxurious vacation. It is located around Very comfortable trip With them you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment. The destination does not count, because it is the entire crew who takes care of the passengers in every way that takes us to our destination.

If you choose this type of travel that means it You are a very individual person. You are primarily interested in your happiness, achieving your goals, and making life exactly follow your plans.

Why hide this strong character? Because being too individualistic is often frowned upon and can elicit negative judgments. Try not to hide too much: it is not a shame to have clear ideas!

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travinews . personality test

D – by plane

Air travel fastest ever, It allows you to quickly reach even very remote destinations almost effortlessly. All you have to do is sit back and relax trying to pass the wait.

Of course, in the face of this speed and comfort Traveling by plane does not allow us to enjoy the trip Because the windows are very small and often you can not see anything but clouds, but this is a drawback that to many seems insignificant.

If you choose air travel that means it You are a very focused person And that you never let yourself be distracted by the frills or the less important things.

Sometimes people may find this situation “heavy” because most people prefer to be slower and more relaxed. Precisely for this reason, sometimes you prefer not to fully express your opinion and adapt to the rhythms of others but think about it: in the long run, it may slow you down in achieving the goals you want!