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Persiceto: At the Physics Experience Museum, a new section on Space and WebApp for virtual guided tours

Persiceto: At the Physics Experience Museum, a new section on Space and WebApp for virtual guided tours

Saturday May 7 at 10.30 In the Convent of San Francesco di Persecito (Piazza Carducci 9), a new section of the Museum of Physics Experience will open with three new rooms dedicated to the concept of space. A “Physics Experience Mobile Tour” web application will also be presented for the occasion.

“physics experiment” It is the last Persicetan Museum born from the cooperation between the municipal administration, the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Bologna, the university museum system, the cultural heritage sector of the Emilia-Romagna region, Agen.Ter (the museum’s governing body) and the Persian Astronomy Amateur Group.

Headquartered at the Pole of the Museum of Heaven and Earth, it has been created within the evocative spaces of the San Francisco Convent and is rich with exhibits and interactive experiences for visitors of all ages. Within are actually dynamic pathways to making the phenomena of physics understandable in a simple and effective way that are often difficult in the public imagination, but which relate to the fundamental laws of nature that surround us.

from Saturday 7 May “physics experiment” It will be enriched by Three rooms dedicated to the concept of space On the occasion of their launch, the “Fisica Experience Mobile Tour” web application, created thanks to Lepida – Emilia Romagna Region, will also be previewed.

The morning will open with institutional greetings to Lorenzo Peligatimayor of San Giovanni in Persecito, Giovanni MollariDean of the University of Bologna, Roberto BalzaniHead of the University Museums System, Elena de GoyaDelegate of the Mayor of Culture in Bologna and the Capital City, Mattia SantoriPresident of the Bologna-Modena Tourist Region and Giuseppe BaroloRegional Adviser to Emilia-Romagna.

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To follow will intervene Nicola Cemberini Cesarifrom the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Bologna and the scientific director of the “Physics Experience” museum project, Maria Pia GermandiHead of the Cultural Heritage Sector of the Regional Museum System, Rer, Barbara Santithe person in charge of Rer’s digital agenda, Giuseppe SperlattiLepida e ., Director of Digital Integration Claudio Bodafrom Mango Mobile Agency who created the ‘Fisica Experience Mobile Tour’ web application.

Already opened in June 2021 with themed rooms “time” And with the exposure of a A selection of the pictorial and graphic works of the physical painter Lucio Savaro (coming from homonymous foundation), from a Section dedicated to the history of calculus And in particular for slide rules and Lamborghini roomA “physics experiment” is now seeing its completion with space-themed rooms. The path of the new exhibition, also located on the first floor of the San Francesco Convent, is divided into three rooms:

Room 1 – Space in Classical Physics. The path begins with the development of units of measurement of space and the different approach to the concept of space of Greek and Roman thought. The visitor can personally try his hand at the Pythagorean theorem using geometric elements and a special “aquatic” exhibition that experimentally validates its correctness. Another exhibit (The Spinning Bucket Experiment) helps understand Newton’s concept of “absolute space” by showing the effect of centrifugal force on a bowl full of water. The other subjects of the room are devoted to cartography and metro history.

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Room 2 – perspective. Through a series of large, enveloping projections, chosen directly by the visitor, the invention of illusory perspective space and how it was used in the pictorial revolution of the Renaissance is shown.

Room 3 – Space in modern physics. In this last room, space is inextricably linked with time, because in the physics of the twentieth century it is no longer possible to consider space as something in itself, but only as a part of “space-time”. So it is demonstrated, above all through videos and a large interactive touch wall, what is “spacetime” and its curvature, the general theory of relativity and how gravitational waves were detected. The large central gallery displays a suggestive representation of the motion of stars and the “curvature of space” fascinated by the mass of the Sun, as postulated by Albert Einstein in General Relativity.

The virtual version of the Department of Physical Experience at the Museum of Heaven and Earth WebApp “Mobile Physics Tour”It will premiere on Saturday 7 May to be released in its final form by May. It is a bilingual (Italian and English) web application, created by Mango Mobile Agency Like Test before investing di Lepida, for the use of museum visitors who are invited, as soon as they have entered the premises, to indicate on their smartphones the path they intend to take among the four proposed. In this exclusive visitor demo, the digital tool is transformed into a guide that virtually accompanies you through the spaces, with a special focus on the suggested objects for each path. The user will also be able to access the 3D version of some of the objects displayed in the viewing states, with the ability to interact in 360 degrees to be able to discover them from multiple viewpoints.

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