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Perseverance makes its way through the sandy areas towards Seetah!

Perseverance makes its way through the sandy areas towards Seetah!

After success in Collect two samples from the same rock, an event that happened successfully a few days ago, the rover determination He continues his journey into a very special and somewhat complicated area to travel. It must be remembered that without the invaluable assistance provided by the aerial surveys conducted with Helicopter creativity, this area might have been avoided a priori.

We’ve talked about it Also in previous articles We can also get the details of the movements through the NASA instrument, thanks to which we can enjoy an updated position of the rover with a lot of space signals and see the entire journey since its arrival on Mars. The last preserved position, at the time of writing, dates back to Sol 203 or yesterday. Let’s see it in detail.

Perseverance now began a rather difficult path, which he should lead at the current pace to his destination in a couple of days. The destination is an area called South Sitah, very close to the area that is located there NASA He had initially decided to avoid it, precisely because of the danger of covering up the rover. However, innovation aerial surveys tell us that the rocks here could be much older than those collected using the first core, which is why Perseverance wanted to investigate directly at the site and evaluate a new collection attempt.

But in the meantime, after leaving the area called Citadelle, perseverance has brought home the best new self-driving character, and has managed to cover The standard distance is 167 meters in one day. We leave you at the end of some of the most beautiful pictures taken during the last movement among the ripples of the sand, showing some interesting layers of rock.

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