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Pepe Severnini tries, frosting in the studio - Libero Codydino

Pepe Severnini tries, frosting in the studio – Libero Codydino

Samantha Christoporetti Intervened in connection The last half of eight, With Lily Grooper Having her among the evening guests seemed reasonably proud. “Her journey from woman to woman is extraordinary,” said the host of La 7, who then had to save the astronaut from her desires. Pepe Severnini Start it in politics. Journalist Courier della sera In fact he started with a long reputation for Cristoboretti, but he was definitely “infinite”.

“He will be a perfect mayor of Rome. He worked for the International Space Station and it will work in Rome “: he was not completely wrong after leading the catastrophic Grillina administration Virginia Rocky. Apparently, Severnini’s exit surprised Otto and Messo’s studio, as all the soldiers in Rome were already in place, and Enrico Michetti and Roberto Cuvaltieri would try to avoid reappointing Rocky (not to mention foreigner Carlo Calenda).

But Severnini continued to imagine a future in politics for the astronaut: “But you have to be careful, because politics wants to take away celebrities and only spit on them. You have to be careful these days, they do it more often with women than men ”. At this point Grooper intervened: “I do not think Samantha Cristoboretti has this purpose”. In fact, the person directly involved has Severnini ice cream: “I do my job with pleasure. How do I see our country? You can see things better from space and small fights determine what they are, or useless ”.

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