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“People are treated like beasts, you should be ashamed”


Elisabetta Gregoracci’s airport adventure: The plane that was supposed to take her home after a holiday in Sardinia was delayed for several hours, leaving her stuck at the airport. “The serious thing is not just the accumulation of delays, but also the treatment of people like beasts,” he said on Instagram.

Adventure for Elisabetta GregoracciThe showgirl had to return home after a holiday in Sardinia, but The plane was delayed for several hours. force her to do so Stay at the airport For a whole day. Explosion and story on Instagram: “The dangerous thing is not just the accumulation of delays, but also the treatment of people like animals.”

What happened to Elisabetta Gregoracci when she returned from Sardinia?

Today, Monday, July 1, Elisabetta Gregoracci had to return home after a trip to Sardinia. Unfortunately, her plane was delayed for several hours, forcing her to stay at the airport. The showgirl spoke on Instagram about what happened: “What a shame… travel is becoming increasingly complicated! I do this a lot of times for work or pleasure… but it makes things increasingly difficult…”.


For Gregoracci, the most serious aspect was the treatment she received from the airline, which did not warn her or the other passengers of the situation: “I’ve been at the airport since this morning at 10… I should be home by now.And and But I’m still here…But the dangerous thing is not only the accumulation of delay, but treat people like animalswithout ads and without warning“. And finally, even when everything seemed to be resolved, a new unexpected event appeared:”And last but not least, they forced us to board the plane and then stopped us because they had to make a sudden change in the crew… so we are still waiting without even being able to sit down and have a little water. You should be ashamed.”

Adventures on board for other VIPs too: The Max Giusti Story

Just a few weeks ago, Max Giusti also had a bad experience during a flight from Olbia, Sardinia. The plane suffered a power outage and the comedian tried to urge the passengers present to stay calm and not panic. He posted a video of the moment on Instagram, saying: “R“Let’s stay calm, it’s a situation I’ve never faced before. We listen to what they tell us, let’s do things in an orderly way, otherwise we’ll get hurt.”

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