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Pensions, the new 25-year-old employee will have to work for more than 46 years. Below are INPS accounts

Otherwise, he will have to wait for the old-age pension (always with 20 years of contributions but with a check of 1.5 times the minimum) until 69 years and six months. If he fails to pay the 20-year contributions, he will have to wait until he reaches the age of 73 years and 9 months (with 5 years of contributions). Early repayment will take 45 years and 7 months of contributions but will still amount to 73 years and 9 months in 2055.

women’s pension

For a woman just over 50 (born in October 1972) who started working at the age of 25, early retirement is possible if she has a check for 2.8 times the minimum and is in full contributions (no contribution paid before 1966) will reach 65 years and 4 months (provided you have 20 years of contributions).

If the allowance is lower (but in any case more than 1.5 times higher than the lower limit), then he will have to wait for old age at 68 years and 8 months in 2041. Also in 2041, early retirement is accrued (43 years and six months of contributions) while As for the old-age pension, if you do not have at least 20 years of contributions, you will have to wait until the age of 73.

For a woman who was born in October 1962, and therefore after she has reached the age of 60 and started working in 1987 at the age of 25, the early retirement and old age pension, if the contribution is continuous, will coincide and will arrive on April 1, 2030 at 67 years and 5 months or 42 One year and three months of subscriptions. The simulator is running on existing rules and obviously cannot take into account any changes in life expectancy as occurred during the pandemic or changes in rules that are not yet in effect.

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Inps recently made available on its website a New version of the simulation “Think of Me – A Retirement Made to Measure”which allows citizens to calculate their pension horizons without having to do any registration.