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Pensions, it is possible to withdraw without a green pass: here's how

Pensions, it is possible to withdraw without a green pass: here’s how

As of February 1, as confirmed by Dpcm’s latest Draghi, Green Pass to collect the pension. But what happens to those who do not have the green certificate? How can they proceed to receive the check in the time frame? In fact, as we will explain below, there is a solution. Let’s see which one.

Annuities, what kind of green lane do you need to collect

The Draghi government intends not to give discounts to those who have not yet been vaccinated: after pressing for services and activities for which a green card will be required, From February 1, 2022 also to go to the post office or to the bank to collect a pension, it will be necessary to have a green certificate.

In this case, as already specified by the executive branch, the Basic Green Card (here are all the details on the issue and duration). This means that in fact, with a file negative buffer It will still be possible to enter and withdraw the pension directly on the site.

Pensions, how can people who do not have a green passport draw a check?

Except Vaccination Exemptions (here is the full list)And Who does not have a green lane can anyway Pension withdrawal authorization To someone who can, on the other hand, disclose the green Covid certificate to the post office or bank.

The service available to taxpayers is not entirely new. If it is impossible – temporarily or permanently – to collect a pension, it has become possible for some time to delegate A second person upon his collection, by means of a form on which the signature of the delegate must be certified.

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Signature Authentication Requires certification of a public official. This means that the signature must be affixed in his presence after verifying the identity of the person signing. Usually each municipality has offices designated for this procedure, where the authorized party must go in person with a valid identity document (taking into account the latest and updated Covid provisions relating to public administration, for February pension and the months thereafter, it is better to ask by appointment ). Instead of that To the responsible municipal secretary, the signature can be authenticated by an INPS official, a notary, a clerk or an official designated by the mayor or by the Italian consular authority for residents abroad.

Version It is immediate except in special cases and it is free.

There are many local administrations that allow citizens Download the form directly from your website. Alternatively, you can use the proxy form to collect the pension provided by INPS (it can be downloaded here).

Which the difference If the delegate or delegate intervenes in the approved situation, notify the INPS in 30 days of change. Departments will then be required to verify and validate the self-certifications included in the application. In the case of false declarations, in fact, the persons concerned may be subject to criminal convictions and forfeiture of the benefits obtained.

February Pensions: Calendar

until the Pensions for the month of February 2022As per the Covid terms, you will be credited in advance by INPS. For receipt at the post office, the calendar will follow the following alphabetical order:

  • From A to B on Tuesday 25 January
  • From C to D Wednesday January 26
  • From E to K Thursday 27 January
  • From L to O Friday January 28
  • P to R Saturday January 29 (AM only)
  • S to Z Saturday, January 31.
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