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Pension Recalculation: Who Can Request (and How) a “Retouching”

Pension Recalculation: Who Can Request (and How) a “Retouching”

Important news on the check pension For those who have left the world of work and been punished with some periods of unemployment in the five years prior to the first treatment: they may be required to neutralize it in order to receive a higher premium.

Constitutional Court ruling

You can also read about it INPS . PortalThe rules are contained in the letter No. 883/2022 that absorbed the ruling of the Constitutional Court No. 82/2017 declaring the illegality of Article 3, paragraph 8, of Law 297/1982 in the part where you do not expect the possibility of neutralizing contributions. “When the right to a pension has already arisen as a result contributions prepaid, the subsequent contribution cannot affect the extent of interest payable, especially when it is smaller due to factors independent of the worker’s choices“.

Here are the expected offers

as we read Small and medium-sized companiesPensions affected by this issue, which will be possible to request Recalculation More appropriate is ‘toOld-age and seniority pensions paid under the wage or mixed system and early retirement pensions“As the experts explain, contributions that can be specifically ‘neutralised’ must be concentrated in the last 260 weeks (five years) of contributions before the start of the pension, and must not be used to meet the minimum requirements for the pension. In this case, they must derive One of these six benefits: regular unemployment benefit with normal requirements, normal unemployment benefit with reduced requirements, social insurance for employment (ASpI), small ASpI, new social insurance for employment (NASpI), unemployment benefit for workers returning home and agricultural unemployment benefit with normal and reduced requirements.

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What happens if that doesn’t happen

On the other hand, if the contributions just described are only partially useful for granting the possibility of claiming the right to a pension, they can be neutralized “Not necessary to improve the right itselfConversely, if the entire period of contribution does not lead to entitlement to the pension, it will not be possible to neutralize only part of it, and therefore it will not be possible to obtain this type of entitlement. How do you get recalculation? to request To INPS because it is not a mechanism that will happen automatically: the instructions will be announced in the coming days with a specific circular by the authority. Upon acceptance of the application, the pension will be recalculated with immediate effect in relation to the original start date.