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Pd: Read, I’ll Stay No Longer, New Generations Ahead – Politics

Let’s discuss my favorite Democratic Party and its “symbol”.. My personal preference is to keep the emblem as it is, because it speaks of service to Italy. ” This is what Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta said in a statement to the party’s leadership. In Nazarene.

“Thank you to those who asked me for the long-term commitment But I think it was a mistake for you and the party: I started my political militancy as a young man, I was a minister in 1998 and it was right that our party fielded a younger ruling class who could challenge the government of the young woman, Georgia Meloni “.

Pd, De Micheli: ‘Confirming my candidacy, women’s issue no more’

A select few Pd women Letha said they were “a failure of our representation. It is clear and obvious, I don’t need to add much, and it reflects the spirit of a party that has not made the necessary progress.” “There is no going back on the premise that there should be chairpersons of parliamentary committees representing women”. “On the other hand we will have the country’s first female prime minister and we have to be credible at this point”.
“The birth of the Democratic Party is victory. It has been a positive story for the countryEnrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, said in a statement to party leadership being held in Nazarene. Voters have mandated us to be the second political force and lead the opposition. An ‘alternative’ should be created starting from the opposition. We are the only ones who have built a political alternative to the right wing. Others held elections substantially in our stead.

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Congress must have a “right time.” It doesn’t even have to be the X factor As the best secretary can do in 40 days, but there is not even a congress that marks the Greek Kalends. I would like to have a new management team in place at the start of the new spring term. It should start in March with meaningful selection.

Only one political force has won the election, Fdi, and all others neither win nor lose them. One field won because it was united, the other, try as we might, did not. This is the explanation of the election. We worked hard to create a broad field, but great unity was impossible, the only condition for success, but there were interlopers who did not want us to go together. , in a statement to the leadership of the party, is underway in Nazarene. “We were building a program where we were strong and important” and then had a “sudden interruption” with the fall of the government.

“Today we are starting the Congress track, but for us it is closely linked with the opposition work starting today. We must immediately take the responsibility of the opposition, the mandate of the Italian people to be the leader of the opposition, to work with other opposition parties. Let us form an uncompromising and constructive opposition.

“Knowing that I will not be there when this government falls, we must immediately prepare to build a strong and effective opposition. Early elections should be held, No public health governmentI say, I will say this in any congressional debate “, in the meantime, we must emphasize the ability to alternate with constructive, non-conformist “opposition parties”, affirmed Leta.

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“Anyone who thinks there’s an endless honeymoon with Meloni’s franchise doesn’t quite understand it. Collapse of economic and social structure, the tensions, fears and anxieties are coming to an end, except for a deeply politically weak government that needs nothing. The fact that it did not receive more than the crowd to enter the government is already clear and points to a situation where no government of such significance has expressed its difficulty. ” Pd, Enrico Letta, regarding the leadership of the party, is going on in Nazarene.

Guppi is a male-dominated party with current logic

“People who participate in primaries shouldn’t just come to vote for a secretary or a secretary: many people want to contribute and are willing to contribute if you give them the tools. There are no real tools to participate. It’s the primaries that need to be reviewed.” Valentina Cuppi, the president of the Democratic Party in Nazarene, told the party leadership. “The Democratic Party is a strongly male-dominated party in which we must bow to the logic of the currents.”