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Payroll March 2022: NoiPa clarified all the news

Payroll March 2022: NoiPa clarified all the news

It’s time to change the payroll.

From March 2022, all the changes planned in the Budget Law 2022 (No. 234 of December 30, 2021) will be clearly visible on the salary, which introduced tax and social security innovations such as personal income tax review And new deductions from employee work, excluding additional contributions, are awaiting NoiPa to obtain more information from INPS.

But as of March, it has been introducedone check and the concurrent cancellation of ANF and deductions for dependent children under 21 years of age.

In the March 2022 payment slip, as shown in the information provided by NoiPaFor the first time, the new tax rules will be implemented, including the aforementioned IRPEF reform, as well as innovations introduced with the single and universal check. In the first case, there will be an increase in the net salary, while in the second case, public servants will have to give up deductions for children under the age of 21 and family allowances, which will nevertheless be compensated by a new allowance. The only one that – remember – must be ordered from INPS.

So there are two important changes to watch out for right now (in addition to keeping up with the armed forces contract renewal): tax reform and simplification of subsidies for families with children.

The news was explained by NoiPa on the March 2022 salary slip

NoiPa – the system created by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to manage the processes of salary liquidation for employees of the public administration – send an information sheet containing all the information on the innovations present in Salary for public employees. In fact, starting with the March 2022 salary, some new rules to expect Budget Law 2022.

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From January 1 Income tax brackets Deductions for dependent children have been revised.

From next month (March 2022), the net salary in public servants’ salaries should be increased thanks to these two reforms. Let’s see what these tax changes consist of and how they positively affect salary.

Payroll March 2022: Implications of Tax Reform

In the disclosure of NoiPa we find the two reference tables regarding the revision of Irpef. The tax reform, which was approved at the end of last year (December 30, 2021) and is effective from January 1, 2022, will have its first effects in Paycheck March 2022.

But what are the income tax categories? These, as can be seen from the table below, have moved from 5 to 4 and there has been a percentage decline in the rate within certain income limits.

Irpef إصلاح Repair
Income brackets in IRPF 2021 Income tax rate 2021 Income arcs in IRPV 2022 Income tax rate 2022
up to 15,000 euros 23% up to 15000 23%
From 15.001 to 28.000 Euro 27% From 15.001 to 28.000 Euro 25%
From 28001 to 55,000 euros 38% From 28001 to 50,000 euros 35%
From 55,001 75,000 € 41% More than 50,000 euros 43%
More than 75,000 euros 43%

In the NoiPa note, we also find information about the new features envisaged for the system for calculating employee deductions (Fig. 1).

shape 1
employee deductions schedule

Do not find a place in the salary of March 2022On the other hand, the reduction in the employee contribution rate went from 9.19% to 8.39% for those with annual income not exceeding 35.000.00 euros. For this novelty, NoiPa states that operational instructions from INPS are still missing.

Other March Paycheck News: Discounts and the Single Check

The IRPEF fix is ​​not the only visible change in the paycheck from next month, in fact there will be gods cuts. This is because a fileone check You will absorb both the ANF (Family Unit Benefit) and discounts for dependent children.

However, after age 21, it will still be possible to request tax deductions for dependent children, but not the individual allowance (except in the case of dependent disabled children).

If dependent children are over 21 years of age (recognized end date until March 31, 2022), discounts will be calculated in the payment slip automatically. If the age is reached after March 31, it will not happen automatically and you will have to proceed with a new application:

  • on NoiPa’sAdministration of dependent family deductions“to me next link:
  • With a paper form through the responsible office, in which it will be necessary to re-send all data and percentages, indicating dependents.
Coupon Guide March 2022-NoiPA
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