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Pay slips, increasing to €2,200 in 2022: Whom it may concern

Pay slips, increasing to €2,200 in 2022: Whom it may concern

For the next year, taxes and payroll for the various categories will change. For some, a significant increase is to be expected

Banknotes (Adobe Photo)

The salaries of many Italians will change from 2022. The country is in a phase of change as often happens after crises. A pandemic is being fabricated, along with many other events that are leaving their mark on the system watershed. Wages will change, prices of many raw materials and even consumer goods will change, and many will change jobs in sectors that will be stimulated and others that will struggle longer.

The state, they change their salaries and professions

Banknotes (Adobe Photo)

One category that will see changes is the public sector. increase in Payroll But it’s not just about taxes, which will be a little lower for everyone. Because the state will also change the way careers are made and shots are taken forward. Aran has already prepared the proposal for the government which stipulates an average salary increase for state employees of 4.15%.

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Going to this point, the salary increases will go from 60 euros per month For employees in the first bracket smarter 114 per month For those in the third. Basically, increases will go from 800 EUR per year for those who work in the first category A 2200 EUR I nodded to those in third place. As for the professional shots This will be easier. As suggested by Aran.

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In some cases, in fact, it will be sufficient to have service seniority to move from one region to another without necessarily having the qualification. In general, the Feature at 40% and seniority for the rest. Also a way to encourage public employment by providing an incentive for quality work.