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Pay attention to checks and deadlines

Pay attention to checks and deadlines

Some categories of workers must submit an application by a specified date to receive €200 bonusThe one-off stimulus against the rising cost of living introduced by the Draghi government with the aim of partially restoring purchasing power in salaries and pensions. However, while the compensation application is being made, the INPS performs some checks that lengthen the time: so it is better not to lower it at the last minute to submit the applications, so as not to risk expiring after the expiration date and remaining without incentive. The specialist website QuiFinanza ran a simulation and found that verification by the National Social Security Corporation is still in progress for an application submitted on October 6.

But let’s go in order. More than 450 thousand professionals have applied for anti-inflation bonuses of €200 and €150. After the start of applications, which began last September 26, social security funds of the category have already received more than 234 thousand applications, more than one in two for both allowances (the option is reserved for those with 2021 income of less than 20 thousand euros), while 217 were sent. , 874 further applications to INPS by separate administration registered professionals. The €200 bonus is an economic support provided by Decree-Law No. 50 of May 17, 2022. It is one of the various attempts by which the Draghi government aims to manage the growth of inflation. To receive it, it is necessary to prove that you have personal income tax of not more than 35 thousand euros in 2021.

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All the latest news about the €200 bonus

The deadlines for sending the application were established by various circulars, divided by categories. For example, holders of a VAT number can submit it from September 26 to November 30, which is the latest available date. Due to potential delays caused by INPS verification, it is therefore advisable to hurry. Below, the categories to which you should apply for the bonus, listed in the INPS prospectus:

  • Enrolled in the Special Department of Craftsmen;
  • registered in the Special Administration of Merchants;
  • Registered with the Special Administration of direct farmers, settlers and farmers, including professional agricultural entrepreneurs;
  • self-employed fishermen;
  • Independents enrolled in separate management, including participants in associated studies or simple partnerships.

It is possible to apply through the online service: INPS has made its own telematics channels available. The application form can be accessed via the MyInps portal (after authentication of the National Service Card PIN, Spid, Cie or Cns). Alternatively, it can be ordered through the beneficiaries or the call center, by calling the toll-free number 803.164 from the landline (toll-free), or at 06.164164 from the mobile network (for a fee, depending on the rate applied by various operators). Among the data that the taxpayer must specify, there is also a payment method on which the timing depends. If you choose to rely on iban, the action cannot be performed without INPS verification. By completing the online form, in particular, it will only be possible to proceed after verification of the “Information under payment”. This applies in the case of a rechargeable card and transferable to a current account or postal book.

However, for employees, the problem does not arise, because they do not have to apply. As stated on the INPS website, “Article 31 of the aforementioned ordinance provides for the payment of compensation, through employers, to employees, both public and private, holders of one or more business relationships, and recipients of exemption from contributing 0.8% of the share. paid by the worker in connection with employment contracts stipulated before June 24, 2022.”