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Paulo Fox’s horoscope today, Monday, May 16, 2022: the sign of the zodiac by sign


The new moon in your sign brings you energy and positivity. Also, a good friend is expected to tell you great news that can change your reality in some way. do not look back.


You will come up with an idea on your way to work, it may sound very crazy but it will gradually form in your head. You must remain attentive to the signs that life will show you the right way.


A dear friend will suggest a trip and it might be a great idea, don’t hesitate and accept. It will rejuvenate your enthusiasm and you will return with a positive energy that will strike the people you love the most.


The conversation will open your eyes and you might be with a friend or colleague, and you won’t see things the way you saw them until now. It will change.


You hold the key to your happiness, do not give it to anyone. Sometimes you want others to do what you have to do for yourself. Don’t let anyone or anything steal your peace.


The success you want is in you, but sometimes you don’t believe in your abilities and that’s why you end up interrupting yourself. Learning in life is all about you.


Work sucks you in during this last period of your life and that can’t be: put limits on the hours that take up precious time. You don’t have to stick to what other people want for you.

The scorpion

You won’t find what you’re looking for unless you open your eyes – what you really want may be right under your nose. But as long as your ego succeeds in interrupting your goals with ephemeral pleasures.

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A new career challenge will take a lot of energy, but you will have no choice but to face it in the best way and with a good face. Talk to your boss if you think they need to understand your point of view.


You will feel the need to step away from the world to connect with your inner and deep self. And you’ll need to do this so that you can move forward and make new decisions that will get you where you want to be for some time.


Discover your potential and don’t waste your days doing things that don’t belong to you. You need to delegate so you can stay on time for what you really want to do. Make time for your life purpose.


You will share moments of joy and happiness with a friend that you appreciate so much but see so little. You will have some nostalgia for the moments in the past when you enjoyed yourself.