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Patel boom in US, Del Pillar speaks: “Fields double”

Patel boom in US, Del Pillar speaks: “Fields double”

The development of the paddle has had significant consequences in many parts of the world, as witnessed by many venues now hosting major international events. In fact, the first ever Senior World Championship was recently held in Las Vegas, USA with great enthusiasm among the fans. To learn more about American reality, we met with Marcos del Blair, President of the USPA. (United States Pedal Association), FIP and APF Approved (American Pedal Federation): “There are about 160 pedal courts in the United States, and this game is becoming very popular. The number of fields will double in 2022 The United States is beginning to see an explosion of global popularity. The capacity is huge and our expectation is to reach 30,000 sectors And more than 8 million players by 2030“.

Strategies and objectives

Pillar leader tells us closely about USPA’s strategies and objectives: “We are a non-profit organization with over 2,500 members. We invest 100% of the revenue in the development of the game, We select national teams for international competitions, and our aim is to increase participation in states at all levels, from amateurs to professionals. We are very excited and motivated to lead the Pedal system to unprecedented growth, Until we reach the goals we set by 2030“Last March, the Senior World Championships were held in Las Vegas:For the first time such an important event was held in the United States, RRA Las Vegas – Flor’s leader continues –. It was a challenging journey, but we all faced it as a team. My heartfelt thanks to all of the participants and staff. With this great success, the USPA and the US have shown the world that we are ready for bigger challenges and that we look forward to hosting events of this magnitude in the future. Patel at the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028? FIP and President Carro are doing an incredible job of getting there. In the meantime, let us say that we will get the presence of the pedal in the 2023 European Games and we are in better hands for the rest. Let’s make this world better with Patel!“.

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