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Passes the bell with Draghi, then Meloni on CDM: “United to face emergencies” – Politics

“We must unite Address emergencies facing the country“, said the Prime Minister Georgia Meloney As told by some present to the Ministers during the meeting of CDM. Meloni Palazzo was sworn in Sigi and presided over the First Council of Ministers, opening the meeting with a heartfelt thank you to President Sergio Mattarella. The meeting, which lasted about half an hour, formalized the office of Deputy Prime Minister to Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani and appointed Alfredo Mantovano as Secretary under the Presidency of the Council. Both the Deputy Prime Ministers, during the short CDM, would have thanked the Chief Minister and reiterated their desire to keep the alliance united, we learn from government insiders. “Everything went well,” said Infrastructure Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini as he left Palazzo Sigi.

Former Minister of Environmental Change Roberto Singolani will serve as a councilor in Palazzo SigiWe learn from government sources.

Georgia Maloney thanked her on Twitter Father: “I thank Pope Francis for wanting to address Italy on this very important day for the government I have the honor to lead”.

Announcements of new ministers

“We are obliged to show that this government will be a good surprise for everyone, for Italy,” said Giorgia. He stated that Luca Siriani, Minister for Parliamentary Relations at the end of CDM. “Meloni gave us a message, I really appreciate it, don’t forget it, it’s an honor, it’s a big responsibility, then a call to loyalty, to the team spirit of our team. If we all work with meaning, with responsibility, respect and above all with loyalty, the results will come. The General Administration Minister has stated this. Paolo Zangrillo After the First Council of Ministers.

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“Meloni encouraged us to get to work right away. I’m going to immediately pick up a document on the Delegated Act on Disability, an urgent matter that needs immediate attention and immediate completion. Legislative mandates for legislation. Delegated”. Thus, the Minister of the Department of Persons with Disabilities, Alessandra Locatelli.

“Tomorrow we will study in the Ministry. Actions will be announced by the Chief Minister. In a message to the chambers of trust, we are committed to provide solutions”: Minister said. Gilberto Pichetto Environment and energy conservation for those asking about energy document.

bell ceremony

At 10:30 p.m “How are you? Welcome. She, moved, commented: “Emotionally moving stuff,” referring to the guard of honor that greeted her in Palazzo Sigi’s courtyard. The two shook hands and Draghi added: “I see you well”. The principal in charge thanked them and together they gave themselves to the photographers in the gallery room. In no time they were face to face in the President’s office.

After an hour of conversation, Mario Draghi handed Giorgia Meloni the bell of the Council of Ministers and formalized the handover in a prison cell.

In the courtyard, before leaving the palace, Draghi reviewed the guard of honor and was then greeted by a standing ovation from the Prime Minister’s staff. Outside the Palazzo Sigi, the outgoing Prime Minister greeted reporters with a smile before getting into a car and leaving the executive headquarters. With the Bell composition, his twenty-month reign ends, which began on February 13, 2021, when Draghi received the bell from Giuseppe Conte.

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Ceremony at Palazzo Sigi