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Partner, do you always attract the same situations?  There is a logical explanation

Partner, do you always attract the same situations? There is a logical explanation

Have you noticed that you always attract the usual type of partner? The reason has to do with the wounds you carry inside that you haven’t healed well yet.

A Pair of Shoulders (Canva)

Are you one of those (many!) women who seem to find human cases with a lantern or always find themselves associated with a wrong partner? As mentioned, you are in good company. It’s not about luck or bad luck, it’s aboutWoundsIt is an untreated subconscious that pushes us toward people who are destined to hurt us or who have nothing in common with us, causing us to ‘waste’ time.

It all sinks Roots in our childhood, and the relationship with the parents, where the children form a bond with them in any form of contact, and this forms the basis for future relationships. A kind of ‘footprint’, if you will.

Here is an explanation the reason That always attracts a certain type of man or woman, because it is similar to who you are or have been in the past. Having an emotional or complex childhood tends to push you towards people with these aspects of personality.

Wrong partner? The reason lies in your unresolved wounds

In the event that you have a guy who enjoys security and contentment as a form of connection, these will be the two traits you look for in the person next to you. Unfortunately, not all of us had the opportunity to have an idyllic childhood and so on Psychoanalyst W. Fairbairn He studied the dynamics between abused children and their parents, noting their deep attachment, and the extent to which youngsters sought suffering as a connection to others as well.

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So you should stop and think about your past exes, and try to understand if there are any recurring patterns. Try to notice how it made you feel, and try to look for a specific recurrence. They are yours emotional experiences that reflects on yourself.

Reflex partner wounds
Rear Pair (Canva)

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To break this emotional streak, it will be useful to keep an “introspective diary”, where you write down all your moods on paper. Also keep in mind that even by having new emotional experiences, you can change your past experiences. True friendships and love that is welcoming and honest can change your attraction toward painful archetypes.

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