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Parkinson’s expert’s 10 White House visits raise fresh doubts about Biden


What if US President Joe Biden is seriously ill? In the past few hours, a rumor has emerged that has sparked a lot of discussion. According to several American media sources, in fact, President Biden may be suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The indiscretion was reported last Saturday by New York Postwhich revealed an interesting detail: On January 17, a Parkinson’s disease expert from Walter Reed Medical Center He visited the White House at the invitation of the president’s personal physician, Kevin O’Connor. The meeting has sparked much speculation about Biden’s health and the potential implications for his leadership role as pressure mounts from some Democrats to get the president to drop out of the re-election race. Indeed, some prominent members of the party declared on Sunday during a meeting of key House Democrats that Joe Biden should announce his withdrawal from the race. It will be about Jerry Nadler Joe Morrell from New York, Mark Takano from California, and Adam Smith from Washington.

Parkinson’s Disease Expert at White House

A second report sheds more light on the potential disease. According to a post by Alex Berenson on his Substack, Unreported factsthe doctor Kevin R. Canard He visited the White House nine times between July 28, 2023 and March 28, 2024. Records of these visits, which extend through March 31, 2024, Available online And it is in the public domain. But who is Kevin R. Canard? He is a neurologist and retired Army colonel, as well as a movement disorders specialist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. According to his medical record, he is an experienced neurologist and his work in finding treatments for early-stage Parkinson’s disease is well known in the United States. The frequent presence of a Parkinson’s expert at the White House now raises many speculations and more questions about President Joe Biden’s health and the motives behind such specialized visits. The White House denies this and confirms that Canard is simply the neurologist who visits Biden every year. The same doctor also proved, during the last month of February, that the American president has no special problems. But the main question remains: Why so many visits in such a short time? It seems that everything is just a normal routine.

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Expert opinion reported by US media

Some medical experts believe it is plausible that Joe Biden Suffering from “Parkinsonism”a medical term describing a group of neurological disorders characterized by symptoms similar to those of Parkinson’s disease including tremors, muscle rigidity, bradykinesia (slowness of movement) and postural instability, meaning difficulty maintaining balance and posture. Professor Emeritus of Neurology, who had not previously treated the president, He said A Free Press To Believe Biden May Have ‘Parkinson’s’: Another Neurologist Contacted Alex Berenson After His Article Was Published Substackconfirming these observations. The latter explained that all the symptoms that can be observed in President Biden are symptoms of the disease. Although it is likely a coincidence, the occupant of the White House last week signed the Parkinson’s Disease Control Act, which promises to “Significantly increase federal research funding, and develop more effective paths to treatments and cures.“H”Improving early diagnosis“Of the disease.

Who is the White House doctor defending Biden?

President Joe Biden’s physician, Kevin O’Connorpublished message He attempts to explain the reasons behind the numerous visits to the White House by Parkinson’s disease specialist Kevin R. Canard, emphasizing that Biden has never seen a neurologist outside of his routine medical visit and repeating that on the occasion of this examination—even the specialist did not find any findings consistent with “Any other cerebellar or central nervous system disorder, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or ascending lateral sclerosis, and no signs of cervical myelopathy

So the White House is relying on Kevin O’Connor’s assessments to reassure a nervous American public about the commander-in-chief’s condition, but there’s a fundamental problem. raised from the head PoliticoThe doctor is a family friend and former business partner of the president’s brother, Jim Biden. The doctor’s ties to the presidential family intensified when he helped from 2013 to 2015. Bo Biden In his battle against a brain tumor.

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O’Connor’s ties to the Biden family continued even after Joe Biden left office as vice president. He notes that in mid-2017 PoliticoJim Biden has begun investing in health care initiatives, bringing the current White House physician into his business.

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