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"Parked in a Debt That Doesn't Warm the Heart" Vatican Earthquake - Libero Quotidiano

“Parked in a Debt That Doesn’t Warm the Heart” Vatican Earthquake – Libero Quotidiano

The sentence that sparks a lot of discussion is the very harsh sentence you utter Pope Francesco During the Epiphany sermon. phrase focused on the paper, who gave a comment on what happened. “When you least expect it, Pope Francis takes the opportunity to give the Church another eyelash on the inside a little, not too dynamic and even less missionary in the highest sense of the term,” recalls the newspaper he brought out Claudio Serrassa.

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“At what stage are we in the journey of faith?” asked the Pope, before the cardinals and bishops assembled in the Vatican Cathedral. “We weren’t stuck for long, Standing inside a traditional religionThe official foreign that no longer warms the heart and changes life? Do our words and rituals arouse in people’s hearts the desire to turn to God, or is it a “dead language” that only speaks for itself and for itself? It is sad, said Pope Francis, that a group of believers stop their desire, and go on tired of running things.

As mentioned, the pontiff’s words were very harsh, heavy, and cruel. Indeed, Bergoglio denounces the “writing function” He attributes this to a “crisis of faith in our lives and in our societies.” Crisis, as Il Foglio points out, “also related to the demise of the desire for God,” with “the sleep of the soul.” The result, he added, is “the closed-off, the closed bishops, the closed priests, the closed consecrated”. The words that obviously raise more than a doubt, more than a question, and more than just controversy in the Vatican.

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