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Paris Saint-Germain – Bayern Munich 0-1, report cards: Mbappe is too fast for line officials, Neuer from 8.5


Paris Saint-Germain – Bayern Monaco 0-1

Paris Saint-Germain

Navas 6,5 – In the first half, he nodded until Davis’s shot, as he tried to reject as much as he could, which is so bad that the first to arrive is Chubu Moting. Then he deviates from Alaba’s conclusion. At the last minute he put his gloves on the low-end Sanneh cross.
Grow 5.5 – Irreparable defensively, his opponents’ technical ability often suffers, but he tries to put a piece on it as best he can.
Kimpembe 5 – He has Chubu Moting on his conscience. Sleeps on the bounce created by Keylor Navas’ show, leaving room for the day before.
Danilo 6,5 – He is not guilty of goal, but overall he plays a good game. Headers are nearly unbeatable, not the same as the first leg.
Diallo 6 – Without shame and without praise, he is replaced an hour later due to physical problems (from 59 ‘ Packer 5,5 – He is happy that he scored in a really important turn, but when he enters Sani it lights up much more than the first half).
Jay 6,5 – Compared to the first leg, he does what he knows: He tries to break the game and take the ball away from his opponents. He does so discreetly, while losing possession many times.
Walls 6.5 – Saving him removes the chestnuts from the fire in the second half. He must create the geometry even if it is not difficult when you have people of this level up front.
Written by Mary 7 – Fideo plays an amazing game, often jumping over the guy and trying to climb to the top of his advertised teammates. Embroider and Enjoy.
Neymar 7.5 – Him is a long solo, trying to overcome Neuer in any way. It’s a pity that it never works, when the goalkeeper doesn’t get there, it’s up to those in charge of saying no. For the rest it is fluffy, a lot of dodgy. Sometimes it’s just too selfish.
Draxler 6 – He is the least active in the Parisian attack, also because it is difficult to send the ball with other monsters in front of him. Government is more than a crime (from 72 ‘kean sv)
Mbappe 7 – After two minutes, he immediately showed what the problem might be: He’s too fast for opponents, not to mention the line men who prevent him from running away for victory. You play in high school, but the goal is not accurate.

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Pochettino 6,5 – In the first half, he deserved the preference without the “ifs” and “reservations” conditions. Puts an offensive team to avoid suffering too much in defense, in a double confrontation it is worth passing the round.

Bavaria Monaco

New 8.5 – His long fight against Neymar always wins, with the help of posts. Fabulous exits on the edge of the area, its true brand. He is absolutely unprecedented, his achievements are endless. If Bayern Munich remains afloat, it is also thanks to him.
Title 6 – Draxler on his wing is the least daring, so he’s also trying some forays in particular on set balls.
Boateng 6,5 – You see opponents reaching a thousand per hour, but try to keep your balance so you never chase them.
Hernandez 7,5 – He often has to deal with Mbappé speed and manages to hold out as much as he can. A true defensive pillar, he is the best in his team’s field with the exception of Neuer.
Davies 6 – Di Maria is an uncomfortable opponent and gets overlooked at times. On the other hand, the front is not as decisive as it usually is. However, he enters the occasion of the target (from 71 ‘Musiala sv)
Daughter 6 – Hired in the unusual role of a midfielder, even if he’s a Joker in all respects, he still has an ease in giving defensive cover and trying a rush.
Kimish 6.5 – A man everywhere, to loot the ball and start the action. A modern midfielder and incredibly good at both times.
SANE 6,5 – Sparkling, Diallo is often left with punctured tires, but when a packer enters it grows in danger. Inaccurate in conclusions from within the region.
Muller 6,5 – Helpful, as usual, decisive, often. The advantage is generated from one of his passes, he always runs the risk of making a difference. It is not always served perfectly.
Coman 5 – A little fleeting when it comes to specifics, not so dangerous compared to the final of the last Champions League tournament.
Chubu Moting 6,5 – Good at goal, but he’s definitely not Lewandowski. The loaf, however, earns it perfectly.

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Flick 7 – He does what he can, with plenty of chances if he plays against the madman of Paris Saint-Germain. In the end, he tried to put Javi Martinez in the center of the attack, but it would have been too much.


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