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Paris, former President Sarkozy was convicted of illegal financing

Paris, former President Sarkozy was convicted of illegal financing

Caroline Figger, President of the Court, outlining the alleged facts “for one Unprecedented attractionSarkozy, along with the other 14 defendants, continued to organize rallies, allowed new shows, arranged expenses, and voluntarily failed, as a candidate, to control outputs.

electronic bracelet – The court then determined that “the penalty will be applied and implemented according to the electronic monitoring system.” The former president, 66, no matter what almost certain appeal his lawyers will file, will not go to prison.

Sarkozy has denied any accusations – actually He was sentenced in March to three years in prison (One without parole) On charges of corruption and trading in influence in the “telephony wiretapping” case, the former French head of state appealed this sentence. He can also appeal today’s ruling: Sarkozy has, in fact, vehemently denied any accusation.

accusation – According to the judges, Nicolas Sarkozy “knowingly” spent at least twice the maximum legal amount of 22.5 million euros for the election campaign. The former president also “voluntarily” avoided checking additional expenditures.

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