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Paragliding to Melilla: this is how the immigrant managed to enter the Spanish enclave

Paragliding to Melilla: this is how the immigrant managed to enter the Spanish enclave

Increasingly Strange Ways to Cross European Borders: Determined to Enter Spain, A.J immigrant He even went so far as to take to the skies to reach Spanish territory by glider. An individual procedure to say the least, which in any case succeeded completely, given that the foreign national coming from Morocco got what he wanted.

This is the first documented case, and now the Spanish authorities fear another non-EU citizen could repeat the gesture.

The video depicting al-Muhajir’s achievement, which was entirely recorded by two citizens, was published Cadena Sirand has already made the rounds on the net.

The Spanish press reported that the incident occurred last Thursday afternoon. After leaving Morocco, the migrant easily managed to cross the barrier at the border between the North African country and the enclave of Melilla using Paragliding. Two citizens, who were traveling by car in the Melilla region at the time, noticed what happened and recorded everything with their mobile phones. The couple also proceeded to notify the Civil Guard. However, the report was not filed, given that the alien is currently missing. Touching the ground, the non-EU citizen took off his paragliding harness, walked away, and disappeared from radar. We don’t even know if it’s a man or a woman.

Concern is now growing on the part of the Spanish authorities, who fear imitation. Melilla and Ceuta are two enclaves located on the northern coast of Morocco, and they are the only two enclaves European borders on African soil. The borders are well protected, with high fences, cameras and constant guarding, however attempts to overcome the barriers are very frequent. Many foreigners try to cross the fence even at the cost of their lives. On June 24 alone, more than 23 non-EU citizens died while trying to reach Melilla.