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Palworld coming to PS5? Pocketpair appears to be referring to the PlayStation version in a post on X


According to the interpretation it became more popular than one message Somewhat mysterious on the part of the game’s official account, Pocketpair may have revealed PS5 version to In the worldalthough this is by no means clear information, at the moment.

The post is the one you see below, where PocketPair Community Manager Bucky wrote a generic love letter to Palworld using different white, green, and black hearts, then added: “I want to add more hearts, but I’m not sure what color to use…what about.” ..then add more Two blue hearts.

“Sounds good, I guess!” he concluded, also introducing an emoji with eyes that seemed to indicate there was some clue to watch for.

Any idea about the PlayStation color?

This was enough for many to see a clear reference to PlayStation in the added pair of blue hearts, a fairly typical color for the platform in question.

In fact, given the way the message was set up, it seems that Bucky wanted to include some clues in this post, and the explanation given by several users may make sense, while also recalling some of the mysterious color-based messages that Rare also provided before Sea of ​​​Thieves releases on PS5.

Given the massive success of Palworld, which has proven to be a real phenomenon between Steam and Game Pass despite being a title still in Early Access, it is very likely that “Pokémon with Guns” is set to arrive on PS5 as well.

However, this also opens up another question: Is the game about to leave Early Access and reach its final version? It is known that Sony does not allow games to be played Early access On PS5, except in very special cases, so if Palworld is indeed coming to this console, it is likely that it has come out of its initial version, or that the developers have found a special agreement with the company.

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Anyway, before any more speculation, we need to confirm that the game is indeed coming to PS5. As announced during Summer Game Fest, Palworld is about to get a major update on PC and Xbox, and it’s expected to arrive in June 27so soon we’ll be talking about Pocketpair again.


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