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Pain medicine, three digital multi-professional skill-sharing meetings

Pain medicine, three digital multi-professional skill-sharing meetings

Rome – Pain Medicine Webinar CourseAnd the Three events promoted by the Italian Association of Physiotherapy – AIFI With the aim of encouraging training dialogue between physiotherapists and other professionals in the sector. The appointments included the topics Pain and Rehabilitation in Low Back Pain and Pain and Rehabilitation in Shoulder Diseases and Breast Rehabilitation Oncology and were moderated by Donato Lancelotti, Andrea Torola and Tiziana Galli.

The purpose of the meetings

Why does physical therapy have such a specific focus on this topic?

“This course of webinars on pain – with very high quality content – is one of the exemplary activities for the scientific community to undertake, which is We talk about science and research in an interdisciplinary way– Answers Donato Lancelotti, Aifi’s National Secretary – We are proud to remember and confirm that this event was born from the initiative of two anesthesiologists who sought Aifi’s collaboration. Moreover, this kind of collaboration does not end with the sharing of scientific evidence but rather generates and directs towards the urgency that other professionals present to us: Building multidisciplinary interactions and pathways to respond to citizens’ needs. Paths in which physiotherapy supports the work of other specialists in the complex path of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in which the citizen does not have to be alone. ”

The experts who intervened

During the digital workshops, Rym Bednarova (Minimally Invasive Techniques in LBP), Valerio Barbari (Physical Approach to LBP), Filippo Cacciola (Post-acute LBP Management through Therapeutic Exercises), Andrea Tomasi (Generation of Shoulder Pain )), Matteo Bendini (Physical Approach to Shoulder Rehabilitation with Physical Therapies), Gianluca Zanier (Ultrasound Assistance in Shoulder Rehabilitation), Giulia Bongiorno (Surface Electromyography as an Auxiliary in Shoulder Rehabilitation), Helena Biancusi (Applications and Compliance) with Practicing Physical exercise), Julia Ferraris (The Role of a Physiotherapist and Therapeutic Strategies in Breast Cancer).

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Last date seen post Luca MessilliD., Chief, Clinical and Experimental Pain Medicine IRCCS CRO at Aviano: “During my relationship I experienced a combination of Pain and rehabilitation in the breast sectorThe anesthesiologist noted that “in 2022 we will no longer be able to use medications alone to reduce pain in women who have undergone breast surgery so that they can cope with the Cancer rehabilitation. Today we can and should really use what modern technology offers us to get to the origin of the pain, which is often the irritation of a nerve or muscle area during surgery. To this end, there are neuromodulation infiltrative techniques – such as pulsed radiofrequency – capable, in the hands of experts, of slowing the delivery of painful impulses from the area of ​​surgery to the brain.”

“At IRCCS CRO in Aviano,” Miceli concluded, “we are able to make these techniques available for the rehabilitation process thanks to the presence on the team of Giulia Bongiorno, a world-renowned athlete and highly experienced physiotherapist, who spoke to us during the webinar on kinetic analysis in this disease.” Our goal also with this series of multidisciplinary appointments is also to create a personalized medicine also in the field of rehabilitation, specific and unique to each patient, based on the precise motor performance they are able to do.”