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Previsioni meteo per il weekend

Over the weekend, unexpected news arrived! Updates for Saturday and Sunday

Weather: On the weekend in balance, unexpected news has arrived! Updates for Saturday and Sunday

Weather forecast for the weekendNext weekend will definitely be in balance! However, nothing strange. In fact, we are approaching the beginning of spring, which means The atmosphere begins to “boil” And they get more and more intense Meridian exchanges (I.e., polar winds move toward mid-latitudes and cool them, while tropical winds rise toward the north pole and heat it up) even with sudden variations in the weather-climate front.
This is evidenced by the uncertainty that characterizes the current forecast for the weekend. The last cold blows will make our teeth chatterBut also, this is it Unexpected newswith the most potential traffic of a Trouble Can significantly affect a part of the country in between Saturday 12 And Sunday, March 13th.

If you look at the Continental Synaptic film, you can see what it will be like in the days to come A large area of ​​high pressure This would again extend in a contradictory way between the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Baltic states Determining, in response movement, a Ice air flow The Continental Arctic Extraction will flow from Russia first towards the Balkans and then reach Italy on Friday the 11th. A situation I had already experienced last weekend, but this time with different consequences.

This will mainly be in the course Saturday 12 Cold currents will spread across our country, investing first in the Adriatic fields, then in the north and finally in other areas. The The temperature will drop dramatically And end well below Climate averages (About 8 C lower than expected in mid-March) This is possible even at night and early in the morning Extended the frost to the plains.

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But next weekend something came out with the latest update Unexpected news: A visit Trouble, Powered by wet Atlantic currents e It was raining If they find a cold “bed” in their presence, there will be snowfall up to low altitudes.
Between the second half of Saturday the 12th and the early morning of the 13th Sunday, a Hurricane vortex Cause RainThe nature of a storm, especially on Sardinia and Sicily, With snow at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. We do not rule out the possibility Rain And on Piedmont and western LiguriaWith Snow Here in the last 2 months up to 2/300 meters in the longest dry areas.

In short, Italy will be on the border We do not want to be left out of the effects of the recurring snowstorms from Eastern Europe and the depressing cycle of the West: so we’ll be pushed between some winter cold and some rain!

A cold pulse is expected over the weekendA cold pulse is expected over the weekend