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Over the weekend, there is news for Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March, the news just arrived »

Weather: Weekend, there is news for Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March, the news just arrived

Weekend weather forecastThey just become important Updates the next day weekend. March has been confirmed as a month full of surprises And one of these could happen the next day weekend The weather in part of Italy.
In short, after a true counter-blockade that will mark the entire week, something can move precisely in conjunction with the return of the binding clock, which is expected Between Saturday 26 and Sunday 27.

Central and Northern Europe will find themselves under the influence of one of them in the next few days Large high pressure area It is effectively banned between the British Isles, France, Germany and part of Italy.
The most interesting recent relates to the central western Mediterranean basin where the A . Formation is Tornado, which is constantly fed by cold Atlantic currents, will maintain somewhat unstable weather conditions. This vortex will continue to affect the weather in the Mediterranean region, At least until the end of next week. Especially in days s.Abbot 26 and Sunday 27 You will explore the strait of Sicily, giving life Bathing Too intense, especially on Two main islands and also locally on the rest of the south. Moreover, during the night and during the early hours of Sunday, maximum attention should be paid Sardinia Where, due to strong contradictions to be created, we do not rule out Possibility of severe thunderstorms accompanied by windy wind blowing Along the most exposed coasts.

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Different words, however, for the rest of Italy. area high pressure Which ensures almost complete atmospheric stability also in our country, especially in the north and part of the center. Thus space on these sectors for wider sunshine. However, as often happens in this period, with clear skies, we will go towards a period characterized by Strong thermal excursions. In practice, this would result in moderate temperatures reaching peaks of about 20 °C during central daylight hours, but also a thermal breakdown at night and in the early morning, with the values almost to zero, Especially in northern cities.

High pressure in the north center.  Risk of thunderstorms in the south and major islandsHigh pressure in the north center. Risk of thunderstorms in the south and major islands