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Previsioni meteo per il weekend

Over the weekend, double pre-trouble between Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th, the effects will be; Details

Weather: Double front disturbance between weekend, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th, effects will be; details

Driven by a hurricane over Scandinavia, more unstable and colder winds are coming

Weekend Weather ForecastThe extreme heat caused by the African anticyclone Hannibal counts for days.
After the first crises already expected during the week, weather conditions are expected to change decisively week end With consequences in between Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May In many regions.

There Dynamic weather The weekend will be a full-fledged protagonist in Italy, a common feature of the period between the end of May and the beginning of June due to the movements occurring on a hemispherical scale. There is no exception, so, if there is any contradiction, there is repressive heat these days.
In the case, The Mediterranean bed will be attacked before a double disturbance: On the one hand, it falls down Cold and unstable air Driven by a broad depression cycle centered in Scandinavia; On the other hand, an insidious hurricane is moving from Balerix (Spain) to our two largest islands.

In detail, from Saturday, May 28th Part of the cold and unstable currents flowing down from Northern Europe may cross our country.
According to the hypothesis now presented by mathematical models, the entrance to the port of Puerto della Bora, and partly the entrance to Ron, is the mass of polar-looking air. Will regret Not just the atmosphere. The cold front at high altitudes and the speed of the following will explode Thermal anomalies Created, we do not exclude Possibility Heavy thunderstorms And sometimes accompanied by episodes Sleet: In danger they will be above all else Friuli Venice Giulia, Veneto, Lombardy And Emilia Romagna And then the interior in the evening Tuscany And Lazio And domestically Piedmont.
At the same time a small hurricane will pass Intense rain On top of that Sicily (Especially Tyrrhenian divisions) Strong Mistral winds will blow there.

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Not only that, but vice versa. The configuration change will be completed in the course of this Sunday, May 29thThe entry of more cold air will favor the appearance of a hurricane in our oceans: at that time thunderstorms may extend toward the central-south.
However, given the unpredictability of the path of the vortex, the forecast of its direction may change over the next few days. Temporary May affect different or larger areas.

Of course we will update you.
Cold winds from Scandinavia: Thundershowers on weekends.  Hurricane over SicilyCold winds from Scandinavia: Thundershowers on weekends. Hurricane over Sicily