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Over the next few days, bad weather will return. Rain, wind and even snow by Friday. Forecasts »

Weather: In the next few days, bad weather will return. Rain, wind and even snow by Friday. Predictions

Weather forecast for the next few daysBad weather is ready to return to Italy And it is caused by the arrival of a radical Atlantic disturbance Who can bring it back By Friday 22, Rain And Wind In almost all of our regions And even Snow In the mountains.

Time does not make everyone happy. In fact, those who prefer mild sunny days over the next few days will be severely disappointed. Heat You will definitely feel less The sun You will see it very little, because it will disappear more and more behind the dense carpet of clouds. Not to mention that Rainfall It will affect the whole of Italy a little bit, and even that north has been under strict law for months. Drought. This is undoubtedly good news, those who like sun and summer temperatures do not like it.

After creating this necessary prototype, we will try to understand how the situation develops Weather forecast In the days to come and its dynamics Upcoming degradation.
The high pressure is to be withdrawn, at the same time, a Hurricane vortex One is ready to fly Atlantic disturbance It already starts Wednesday 20 It is responsible for the return of many clouds from the north to most of the center.
In these fields, we expect the arrival of the Chief during the day RainEspecially in the northwest, Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian divisions of the center.
However, what happens in the next 24/48 hours will only be a taste Trouble It will make its successful entry into Italy, thus making clear and decisive deterioration of conditions Weather forecast.

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Thursday 21st will be the worst day For most of Italy: Rain And some Storm They will dominate the scene early in the morning, perhaps saving only the extreme south. The air coming from Scirocco will return to strengthen considerably, and there will be room for them to return Snow Alpine reliefs and the highest peaks of the Apennine Mountains.
With the arrival of bad weather the cold weather will return.

There too April 25 in front of the Long Bridge It is certainly not characterized by good weather: Friday 22In fact, one more atmosphere awaits us Strong instability Although Bad weather It will start to give some signs of weakness, especially at the end of the day, and thus on a weekend and Monday, April 25th, in the name of greater atmospheric calm, even if not for everyone.
We will let you know.