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Over the next few days, a disturbance threatens the anticyclone;  Effects and predictions until Epiphany »

Over the next few days, a disturbance threatens the anticyclone; Effects and predictions until Epiphany »

Weather: Over the next few days, a chaotic anti-storm threatens; Consequences and Prophecies leading up to the Epiphany

Some rain on TuesdayAn Atlantic disturbance is approaching that will undermine the mighty anticyclone that has been protecting our country for days..

The overall atmospheric picture is not only stable over most of the country but also very warm for the period, especially in the south. However, in the next few hours, the high pressure will temporarily lose strength. In the north, we are waiting for an arrival, albeit a light one Atlantic front It will try to undermine the anti-hurricane fortress.

This will be the first disruption of 2023 and will cause some particularly scary disruptions Tuesday, January 3When we expect some Rain in the north-west. Events are usually modest company.
The map below shows the distribution and amount of precipitation forecast for the day Tuesday, January 3: in colored areas Blue Rainfall fluctuates in between 5 and 15 mmWhile among those highlighted withThe sky is blue Overall we expect.Rainfall forecast for Tuesday, 3 January 2023Rainfall forecast for Tuesday, 3 January 2023
The rest of the country won’t even notice the forward pass, except for a moderate increase in suspicions in much of the north and center.
And then there will be a piece of the country that will somehow continue to live Early spring As Al South And on Major IslandsThe sun continues to shine almost uninterrupted in a decidedly mild climate for this season.

But what will the weather be like for the rest of the week? After crossing the Atlantic front, the African countercurrent will raise its net northward and thus again embrace our northern regions. So we will enjoy dry days, but sometimes grey, dark, misty and less mild than in the rest of Italy in the northern plains and some inner corners of the center, up to the coasts; The climate is still sunny and warm in the south and on the two main islands.

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For some Change More serious We may have to wait until the holidays are over.
But we will provide more details about this in our next updates.