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Over 36 million copies sold, Creative is the UK's largest team -

Over 36 million copies sold, Creative is the UK’s largest team –

The Strategic Chain Total war Turns 21 in 2021, but has another big milestone to celebrate: the saga has sold more than 36 million copies. The information comes directly from Creative Assembly, the game’s developer. Total War Three Kingdoms can boast of collecting a large portion 36 million. The game was actually very successful in China and in the first week alone it sold 1 million copies.

Total War’s Warhammer sub-series also performed well, with pre-orders for Warhammer 3 reaching the top of the Steam charts. According to the developer, Every month, 1.5 million people play a title from the Total War saga.

Total War Three Kingdom is successful

Plus, the development team now has it 800 permanent employees A third team is opened in West Sussex. In doing so, Creative Assembly has become the largest UK development team, according to Gareth Edmondson, director of the studio. He also said, “This is a very exciting time for Creative Assembly, with Total Warhammer 3 on the horizon and we’ve got …” A new IP – science fiction shooter – is under development. ”

We don’t know much about the new game. It has been said to be an “ambitious multiplayer game”, the first person to shoot It will allow players to “take advantage of a variety of creative playing styles”.. So it appears Creative Assembly wants to go above and beyond Total War’s success and strategy.

We also see Total War: Rome Remastered, the new trailer showing the differences with the original.

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