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“Over 100,000 Landings”: The Assault Figures on the Italian Coasts

The psychological threshold of one hundred thousand falls in a year has been crossed in the past few hours. This was relayed by Viminale himself, Accordingly, from January 1 to today 100,354 migrants have arrived on the Italian coasts. It far exceeded last year’s figure, when on December 21 the figure in question stopped at 64,055. The number is already alarming, as it is much higher than the 33,867 it fell in 2020.

The numbers have not been this high since 2017

In the analysis of the migration phenomenon, there is a period before and after the biennium 2016/2017. In these two years, Italy far exceeded the 100,000 disembarked. In 2016, in particular, the number of 181,436 migrants irregularly entering Italy was reached, while in 2017 it decreased to 119,310.

But only because, in the meantime, at the political level by the Ministry of the Interior led at that time Marco Minnitidecide to intervene. First with the so-called Code of Conduct for non Governmental OrganizationAnd secondly, with a signature Note with Libya. Actions that somehow, in the second half of that year, began to reduce the number of landings.

Since then it was hoped that it would never reach the 100,000 mark again. A psychological threshold aimed at remembering what happened in the most difficult two-year period in the immigration department. Those of the more than 250,000 immigrants who landed in the 24 months between 2016 and 2017 have in fact put in place a system hospitality.

Then check Never Again for the next four years. Between 2018 and 2019, the numbers remained well below 50,000 units. Only in 2019 Historic lowat least considering the last decade, during which only 11,471 immigrants landed.

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Then from 2020 onwards, a new ruthless high. But with data still far from the 100,000 threshold. Suffice it to say that 2021, for example, ended with an alarming number, but still less than 70,000 fell.

Which countries recorded the largest increase in the number of arrivals?

So, 2022 saw a return to a very similar situation to the 2016/17 biennium. There are many political factors, both internal and international, that have been affected and which are being examined by the current executive branch.

But looking only at the numbers, it is clear that the most troubling situations for Rome come mainly from two countries: Egypt And the Afghanistan. In the latter case, it was definitely him who had an impact The return of the Taliban to power In August 2021. It is true that more than a year has passed since then, but it is also true that the effects of similar political crises in the field of immigration usually appear after months.

Thousands of immigrants set off fleeing from the students of the Qur’an, and after crossing Iran and Turkey, many were able to reach our country through Turkish way immigration. That is, in relation to the route taken by hundreds of ships from the Anatolian peninsula to eastern Sicily or Calabria.

Thus, if in 2021 there were a thousand Afghans who arrived in Italy, according to Viminale this year they are in the range of seven thousand. With regard to Egypt, on the other hand, the number of immigrants has increased from 8,352 immigrants who arrived in 2021 to more than twenty thousand immigrants in 2022. An important increase that may push the government to highlight the immigration issue in the dialogue with Cairo. .

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Also, this year, the Egyptians overtook the Tunisians (their number is still 17,830 units) among the nationalities most present among the migrants who arrived in Italy. It should also be noted that the number of people arriving has doubled since then Bangladeshit passed from 7,824 in 2021 to 14,381 in 2022.