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Our travels as nurses

Our travels as nurses

Cremona – friendship in and out of the corridor: take off your coats, gloves and masks, leaving behind work thoughts and fears, Five fellow nurses have taken a few days to themselves each year for the past ten yearsTogether, on a journey. “Only women and all bachelors,” one jokes, Christina BellatiA nurse in the emergency room at Maggiore Hospital in Cremona. They met at work and their friendship solidified over the decade, sharing moments together both on the suite and at the beautiful places where they vacation.

Vacations are never deducted: A few years ago across America, at five with the camper. A brave and hard choice, a A testament to a friendship that does not get scratched even when tested by being days and days away from a few centimeters of living space. Then the Camino de Santiago, where physical exertion and stifling heat are overcome by being together and sharing the effort. And again, Cuba, more relaxed.

The chosen destination this year was Iceland. The large icy island scattered in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Between its hot spring baths, explorations, waterfalls, and endless, unspoiled landscapes, Iceland is like Eden, a breath of fresh air for those who struggle with the hardships of the trail every day. Together with Pilati, they are also part of the holiday group Elena Mataruzzi (regional assistance), Roberta Baldi (emergency room), Simona Zanebone (Intensive care) H Marisa Rossi (On duty at the vaccination center). She shares many experiences and connections that transcend the boundaries of one’s work. Next destination? Even bolder, more challenging. Dream: Jordan.

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