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Our secret: “Croatia will attack immediately. Modric? If he doesn’t play, all of Italy will be happy”


Dario our secretsporting director of Shakhtar Donetsk and former Croatia player, is a guest Sky Sports He spoke about the match between his former teammates in the national team and Italy, which will be decisive for qualifying for the European Championship in Germany: “For me, it is a difficult match for both of them. In the last 10 to 15 years we have always played well.” Against Italy and the result is in our favor. Moreover, there is an additional advantage for Croatia that they have to win, they do not like to play for two results, while Italy can qualify even in case of a draw. Croatia loves these matches, there is a team with great experience and personality. “I saw Italy against Spain and I noticed some difficulties, like those faced by our national team, and I think it will be a 50-50 match.”

Then there is room for aging for many Croatian stars:Modric? If he doesn’t play, all of Italy will be happy Because he is a captain and a leader, and even if he is 39 years old, it is natural for him to suffer some declines, like Brozovic and Perisic, for other reasons. We are a small country, with a population of only four million people, and it is unbelievable that we can always repeat ourselves in the World and European Championships or always produce champions.“.

Our secret then returns to the fact that the Balkans will only have one result available to reach the round of 16: “For me, it changes a lot between playing with only one or two results. I think Spalletti, who is a great coach, will prepare the match to win, knowing that “One point will be enough, that’s why I expect a different situation compared to Croatia who will attack from the start because they just have to win.”

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“Dalic will not make any mistakes in this match. He has great experience and knowledge of this team having led it for 8-9 years and achieving excellent results. He will start the match with the best eleven players available to attack Italy. – concludes the former defender who was also seen in Cagliari – Croatia this is dangerous Very, against Spain they did not play badly, but they conceded three goals in their first three shots on goal, but If he wins against the Azzurri, he can reach the end of the competition“.

Finally, a thought on Ukraine’s win: “Talking about football at the moment is difficult because I have lived in Ukraine for a long time and I know how much people are suffering from what is happening. Every day there are sirens of weapons and bombings, we are always living under pressure and this is not a normal life, they “They play for all people, even if it is not easy after Croatia, my heart, half of my heart, beats for Ukraine and I hope they can overcome this crack. Together with Modric and Tsygankov they can create problems for Belgium.”


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