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“Our intentions were misunderstood.”


The Telegraph is back by Simon Briggs About the Wimbledon expansion plan that has been discussed and contested and which we talked about previously Describe developments and setbacks. As we remember, Wandsworth, neighboring Merton, rejected the plan and did not recognize the plan. Very special circumstances Which according to its creators will recommend approval because “the benefits are greater than the harms.”

The new president of the All England Club, Debbie Jevans, chimes in, explaining that “Clearly an incorrect definition has been used: we are talking about the Wimbledon Park project when in fact we are facing the project of how to make a private golf club accessible.“.

The project was immediately criticized, That is, since the All England paid £65 million for access to the 30 hectare golf club in 2018; Landscape constraints are still associated with the works of the architect Lancelot brownKnown for his personal style of designing “English” parks and gardens. For Jevans, the aim is to maintain the tournament’s prominent role by investing another eight million to dredge the inland lake and create a nine-hectare park.

taught us“- continues the former British tennis player-“The road has been long, but my confidence that I am on the right path motivates me to continue. We want to combine access to the club for locals with the growth of our tournamentIn fact, says the Telegraph, some mistakes have been made by the AELTC, Especially from Ian Hewitt’s management. Undoubtedly, no effort was sought to improve the mood of the residents weakened by the roof construction work. The limited access offer seemed delayed and the result of an afterthought, thus missing the emotional impact that immediate action would have had.

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Givans respects the viewpoint of those who criticize the project but censors the way it is presented to the public. They said it was a park… but it is a golf club that we want to turn into a park. They said we would be putting up a 10,000 square foot building, but they didn’t add that it would be mostly below ground level, only a few meters above ground. I am confident that I will make every effort in this regard“, concluded Jevans.


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