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Other than diet!  If you are unable to lose weight, this is one of those mistakes you are making!

Other than diet! If you are unable to lose weight, this is one of those mistakes you are making!

Other than diet and drinks! If you are unable to lose weight, it may be because of these mistakes that you are unintentionally making, you did not think about it.

These are the mistakes you should not make when following a diet (Pixabay)

Just because summer is over now, it doesn’t mean we have to give up wrong habits again, like eating poorly or not taking care of our body, and neglecting ourselves. This does not mean that we should always go on a diet, but there are some right behaviors that if followed can help us to maintain a good physical appearance and above all to improve. Often, in fact, dieting does not necessarily mean feeling hungry, on the contrary, a good diet is one that allows us to eat food with taste but above all in a healthy way. This means balancing proteins, vitamins, minerals, and all that the body needs to be healthy. In some cases, the help of experienced people such as dietitians and nutritionists is needed. Other times we can simply rely on common sense. There are some basic rules that we should always follow, regardless of diets or not. Some of these simple and few rules must be followed mainly to stay healthy, rather than physical appearance.

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Other than diet! If you are unable to lose weight, this is probably the fault of these mistakes you make without knowing it

As always, we remind you that in case of any doubts, you should always consult your doctor or specialist; What we report in our articles is the result of the experience and testimony of experts but it is clear that each case is unique. As we told you a few lines above, there are some basic rules that help us to be in perfect physical shape and above all in health. Some actions that we perform daily are not very good for our body, although they are apparently unexpected actions; And that’s probably what we’ve been doing since childhood.

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This is what we’re talking about:

  1. macaroni: The pasta itself is not an enemy, neither to line nor to health, but the way we cook it is as well. They should always be eaten in good condition and sometimes whole. This is because overcooking means raising the glycemic index
  2. to heat up: Food should be cooked over medium-low heat to avoid burning and contamination.
  3. spices: Always prefer natural spices and raw extra virgin olive oil. Avoid cooking it at high temperatures and above all avoid animal fats such as butter, lard…