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ORT Christmas Concert with Daniele Rosteoni and Francesca Dego at the Teatro Verdi in Florence

Saturday, December 24, 2022at 17.00, Daniel Rostoni And the Francesca Diego They are the heroes of tradition birthday party affiliateORT at the Teatro Verdi in Florence (Via Verdi, 5 – Via Ghibellina, 99).

When his name first appeared on an ORT poster, Daniel Rostoni He was little more than a boy. Promise of a strong international training. Today, on the threshold of forty years, he presents himself as one of the most reliable sticks, and he was named Best Director of the Year at Opera Awards 2022: director of the Lyon Opera, guest at the Staatsoper in Munich and the Alster Philharmonic. And in great demand everywhere: from the festivals in Salzburg and Aix-en-Provence to Covent Garden in London and the Metropolitan in New York.
Now, as the artistic director of ORT, he climbs onto his orchestra platform, accompanied by his wife Francesca Diego, a violinist present at symphonic and major chamber seasons in Europe, the United States and Asia who debuted in 2019 as a writer on Tra le note. The Classics: 24 Interpretations (Mondadori).

The pair dedicate themselves to Concerto No. 2 Op. 63 before Serge Prokofiev, a 1935 piece written by the Russian composer on the eve of his return to Russia, from which he had emigrated after the October Revolution. Then he was glad that he was able to return to his homeland to make some contribution to the cause of communism. A concert showcasing spectacular technical obstacles and acrobatic speeds, the precious violin “Francesco Ruggieri” (Cremona 1697) will be entrusted to the expert hands of Diego, considered one of the best performers on the international scene. The classical symphony that opens the concert was composed on the eve of the October Revolution. A testament to the young Prokofiev, still a subject of the tsarist empire, clear, linear, transparent, seemingly simple and dreamy, in 1916, when classicism was beginning to take shape, neo-classicism was, or seemed, on the verge of invention and Prokofiev had foreseen, now denying that weary romanticism and which Outdated. At the conclusion of the first symphony of BeethovenBeethoven, first performed in 1800, is the work that launched the composer’s symphonic suite, which will be considered a revolutionary monument and an inevitable touchstone for all composers, as Beethoven transformed the symphony from a kind of entertainment for the few as a means of deeper meditations for a global audience.

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