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Orsini rejoices: "I am a fighter, I have defeated my enemies."

Orsini rejoices: “I am a fighter, I have defeated my enemies.”

the professor Alessandro Orsini He uses victory tones and declares himself the current winner of the battle against those who are trying to challenge his position on the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The interview was conducted by Massimo Giletti during the program period It’s not the arena At La7, the director of the LUISS Observatory for International Security wasted no time in calling for his release, but rather took the opportunity to emphasize his momentary victory: “I feel like a fighter in the world of culture, after two months I feel like I defeated my enemies“.

I may lose, but I am now dominant in the battlefield of cultureHe added, all without letting Poison fail to speak to those who oppose his ideas:My objections are mostly cowardly and unfairReason not to rule out loss in the end:I will probably lose this battle later, I can’t imagine what my opponents will do“For this very reason he rejected the impression that he considered a heretic On the edge, “Because this conveys an image of weakness“.

Draghi attack

Then Orsini accused Prime Minister Mario Draghi To be “Lukashenko from Biden“.a comparison has been made because, in his opinion, our Prime Minister is unable to impose the Italian line in relation to that of the United States. The professor is known for his critical considerations against the current government, which is considered to be executive.”Of the dolls in the hands of the White HouseMoreover, he agreed with Vladimir Putin not to enter into a dialogue with Italy:Biden is the paper writer for DraghiHe pointed out that the interventions Joe Biden Those follow Mario Draghi on schedule at the same time.

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Denial on the M5S

Finally, Orsini denied the rumors that he could handle 5 star movement On the occasion of the upcoming elections:There is neither heaven nor earth, M5S has never called me“.But why never did an official denial come? Orsini called him one.”Huge trick“And which he does not deny these days, because in the meantime he had some fun.”These idiots kept writing for days, wasting time. All the people close to me told me to completely refuse …“.