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Orion, amazing photos of the moon on the way back

Orion, amazing photos of the moon on the way back

NASA published More shots of the moon from the Orion spacecraft. picture Less interesting than those that have arrived in recent days Because you shoot from a higher distance, but still Amazing, suggestive. Orion, whose voyage will end somewhere on the California coast around December 11, snapped snaps during away from the satellitewith a heavily equipped GoPro Hero 4 Black on one end of the solar panels.

The images say little new on a technical and scientific level, but they are very scenic and therefore “weigh” the participation of the public and partners. On the twentieth day, Orion “appointed,” Within 3 minutes and 27 seconds of the engines ignition that provided the thrust to drop toward Earth, and snap the photos you see below.

Starshipwhich is in its path It passed within 80 miles (less than 130 km) of the Moonis central On the mission of Artemis I. He traveled aboard the lunar space system carrier rocket, which departed on November 15. Now that the experiment is coming to an end, we’ll have to wait until 2024 Artemis II which would be intended to follow a similar trajectory to that of Artemis I but with two astronauts on board.

a task Return humans to the moon entrusted to him artemis iii, The program begins in 2025.

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