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Organizing the metaverse is also a priority for Consob

“I propose to cooperate and hold a conference with the other authorities, in order to reach an international agreement, because metaverses have no borders.” like him Paolo SavonaConsob Chairman of the National Committee for Companies and the Stock Exchange in his speech at the symposiumFinancial Supervisory and Supervisory Authorities Facing Metaverse”, organized by Consob in collaboration with Lewis University.

“At Consob we were dealing with cryptocurrencies,” explains Savona, as reported by Milano Finanza, “and then I read Caroline’s work and realized that the real step forward is the metaverse.” The reference is Caroline de Pham, commissioner of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commissionthe independent agency that regulates derivatives markets in the United States, which was present at the symposium and intervened by explaining the importance of metaverse regulation.

He argues: “The true meaning is our future life.” Caroline de Femme, In this new world there are already five basic activities of existence: social relations, Entertainment and bettingtravel and shopping. without forgetting Economic value“.

“The impact on business is estimated to be in the region of $5 trillion by 2030,” Pham adds. Ensure free access to the metaverse, as we already do with markets,” because “savers should feel calm.” As regulators, it is our duty to return what is happening in the metaverse to the home of legality.”

He adds, “A lot of people are worried why They are afraid that their children will spend their days in the virtual universeDisconnect from the real world. I, on the other hand, think of the metaverse as something that surrounds reality, not brushes it aside. For this,” he finally adds,We need a roadmap to a comprehensive metaverseAnd safe and just. As an authority, we have a mission to follow this path closely: I will discuss this with Consop.”

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The metaverse, or metaverses, as it would be more correct to say, are now frequently cited (often even inappropriately) although, to tell the truth, there are a few who have already peeked at them. However, technology is advancing, and many companies have already bought their digital headquarters in this virtual world, and some have bought entire territories there; Even the most daring came to discuss the degree thesis. It is a fact (albeit hypothetical), that so many coins, including cryptocurrencies, are already in operation that some operators are already talking about it metanomics, a specific economy of metaviruses, But the “risks” do not stop there, since there is also the problem of copyright (which mainly affects artistic and cultural heritage), as well as in this case with the related turnover, which has already alerted some governments.

That is why Paolo Savona asserts that the invitation of the American commissioner will be accepted by Consop, because “this is the A diverse world presents endless challenges to us the organizers,” he adds, adding that “it is better to be safe than to be sorry” and suggests starting a cooperation table by starting a conference with other international authorities, in order to reach an international agreement.”